In 1953, when Paul Abrams needed to come up with a good ways and means project for the Texas City Jaycees, Tackle Time was an uninformed idea to all involved. Unitl this time, each project that the Jaycees accepted needed to be self-sustaining, and the Jaycees never had  a surplus of funds for community projects.

The first stab at a fund raising project found the Jaycees going from door to door selling concrete house number makers. An indication of the success of this project is the number of these markers that still may be seen around town. Although this project was successful, this was not exactly what the Jaycees wanted. Paul Abrams and Paul Demming put their heads together and came up with the idea of a fishing contest.

In 1958, a terrible storm hit Texas City and practically destroyed all of the existing facilities on the Dike. Even this storm was not enough to put a halt on the activities of Tackle Time. Business progressed as usual that year, although because of the storm, fishing success was slight.

The continuing success of Tackle Time, thanks to the generosity of our city’s business men, and the participation of our community and friends from other communities, has enabled the Jaycees to vastly expand their many service activities.

Proceeds from Tackle Time are used for the many community projects carried on by the Jaycees. Operation Santa Claus, Family Living Seminars, Special Olympics, and Tackle Time are just a few of these.

This picture was taken the year following Ike when we had no building and no access to the dike. We worked out of a tent and Tackle Time participants drove to weigh in their catch.